Long-Term Care

SeniorwithNurse.JPGLong-term care facilities provide a range of services for those who can no longer live independently. These homes are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MHLTC) and are governed by legislated standards. Admission to these services can be for a brief stay if requiring care following an illness or surgery or to relieve a caregiver who is away, or on a long term basis when it is no longer safe to remain in the home environment. In order to apply to a nursing home, you are required to be registered through the Community Care and Access Centre (CCAC).

The CCAC office evaluates the individual and the situation for eligibility and admission. Although a portion of the fees are paid by MHLTC, there are still fees charged to the individual for a semi or private room. The CCAC can provide the current rates.

If an individual can remain in their home environment, services for nursing care and in-home support can be acquired from either CCAC or the Community & Primary Health Care. Go to either website for more information regarding home care.

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