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Welcome to Maple View Lodge

Maple View Lodge is home for 60 long-term care residents and is situated on County Road 42 one mile east of Athens, Ontario. Located east of Kingston, south of Ottawa, and west of Brockville on the 401 Hwy, it is a picturesque property boasting a long a proud history.

Maple View Lodge in Athens, Ontario is a not for profit municipal long-term care home owned and operated by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. Governed by the Long-Term Care Homes Act (LTCHA) 2007, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, a municipal corporation that is comprised of the elected heads of council from its 10 member municipalities, sets policies and provides the overall governance and direction for the Lodge. As part of the Counties' Human Services Division, the daily operation of the home is under the leadership of the Director of Human Services and an onsite administration team who ensure that the directives, policies and the legislated standards regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care are met. Maple View Lodge strives and succeeds in the provision of a high quality of care to each resident by offering the services and support for their physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and recreational needs in a 'Home Like' environment when the time comes that they no longer can live independently on their own.

Image of the House of Industry 1895First built in 1895 as a 'House of Industry', on the former farm of Dr. John Godkin Giles, the home had a capacity for about 48 residents. In 1926, it was renamed "the Old People's Home of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville" serving as same until 1970 when the government decided to close the doors but thanks to the local politicians who rose up in support the home was kept open. After modifications and a reduction in capacity to 41 residents, the home reopened in 1972 and the name was formally changed to Maple View Lodge Home for the Aged.

In 2002, the facility underwent a major redevelopment maintaining the original historical structure as a central focus in its design. Two adjoining resident care areas were added and its grand reopening as a 60 bed long term care home occurred in 2004. The design of the new Long-Term Care Home was intended to provide a supportive, enabling, and "home-like" environment, which allows a resident to experience a better quality of life by giving residents space that recognizes their individual need for privacy, dignity, and control.

Image of the interior of Maple View Lodge