Family CouncilImage of people meeting

Family Council is comprised of families and friends of the residents who meet with the purpose of welcoming and informing other families, exploring concerns, sharing ideas, acting on issues, and communicating effectively within the Home.  The Family Council is committed to monitoring and increasing the well-being of all residents.

Family Council assists in facilitating and enhancing communication between families, staff and residents and to provide mutual support for family and friends including those that are new to the Lodge.  Family Council advocates on behalf of all residents and families and provides forums for relevant issues.

The council meets on a quarterly basis.  Notices are posted in the Activity Calendar and in the home.  All Family members are welcome to attend.  Meeting minutes are posted in the entrance area of the home.

Family Council would like families to know that it is important to understand that your loved one's personality may appear compromised and that you need to understand that it is the disease process and not the person that is presenting in an unfamiliar way.  Understanding this factor may help you understand your feelings and emotions too; frustration, anger, humility and sadness are but a few.

Visits to residents brighten their days and are strongly recommended, remember to laugh, chat and touch; residents still enjoy closeness and love.  Family members who wish to bring a gift but are unsure of what is appropriate may wish to consider the following:

  • A gift certificate from the hairdresser
  • A subscription to the newspaper
  • Colouring books/crayons/puzzle books
  • A guest book to remain in your loved one's room for communications amongst visitors.  While visiting, read some of the comments that have been written; residents always enjoy hearing these comments.
  • A seasonal door display
  • A voucher for new clothes when Smart Care clothing display visits Maple View Lodge

When visiting in person, you may entertain the resident in the Library, any of the sunrooms or take a walk indoors or outdoors (remember to sign out if you leave the building).

When families and friends are unable to visit there are still a number of ways to communicate with their loved ones, for example: