Rent Supplement Housing in Leeds Grenville

What is rent supplement?

  • Rent supplement offers eligible low income households rent-geared-to-income accommodation in buildings owned by private landlords.

  • A rent supplement subsidy is paid directly to the landlord to fund the difference between full monthly rent, and rent-geared-to-income payable by the tenant.

  • Program funding is provided by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments.

Who pays the rent?

The tenant is responsible to pay the rent-geared-to-income directly to the landlord on the first of the month. The Counties supplements the rent by paying the difference between full monthly rent for the unit and the rent-geared-to-income payable by the tenant directly to the landlord.

For example: if the full monthly rent for the unit is $750, and the tenant's geared-to-income rent is $300, Leeds Grenville will pay a rent supplement in the amount of $450 direct to the landlord each month. 


Graphic showing breakdown of rent

How do people qualify for rent supplement?

Households interested in living in a rent supplement unit must apply to the Social Housing Registry.

How do Landlords enroll in the program?

To enroll in the program a Landlord will complete the Rent Supplement Landlord Application form.  Housing staff will review the application and complete a unit inspection to determine if the unit meets program eligibility criteria and that there is a demand for subsidized housing for the unit's size/location. A Rent Supplement Agreement will be prepared to outline the terms of the Agreement between the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and the landlord.

Landlord Resources

The following documents are available for download on our Forms page:

  • Rent Supplement Landlord Guide
  • Rent Supplement Landlord Application form
  • Notice of Vacancy