10 Year Housing Plan


The Housing Services Act, 2011 requires Consolidated Municipal Services Managers to develop multi-year plans to address homelessness. The plans must include strategies that:

  • treat housing as a whole system;

  • address housing issues across the whole housing continuum from homeless shelters to market housing;

  • are relevant and appropriate for the local community and

  • link to other municipal planning activities.

The Act contains seven policy directions:

  • Accountability and outcomes

  • Goal of ending homelessness

  • Non-Profit Housing Corporations and Co-operative Housing Corporations

  • The private market

  • Coordination with other Community Services

  • A broad range of community needs

  • Environmental sustainability and energy conservation

The Province of Ontario's Vision and Principles for the plans are:


To improve Ontarian's access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing, and provide a solid foundation on which to secure employment, raise families and build strong communities.


  • People-centred
  • Partnership-based
  • Locally Driven
  • Supportive
  • Inclusive
  • Fiscally responsible

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