Ontario's Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy

Affordable housing is an important part of Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy and Ontario's long term affordable housing strategy supports a community-centred approach that promotes flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of the local community.  Service Managers have more flexibility to use funding to better meet the needs of those who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.  Legislatively, the Housing Services Act, 2011 requires Service Managers to develop multi-year plans to address housing and homelessness.  As service manager, Leeds Grenville has developed a 10 Year Housing Plan  in consultation with community partners and local residents. 

To learn more about Ontario's Long Term Affordable Strategy follow the link to:

Building Foundations: Building Futures
Ontario's Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy 

Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario Program

The Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario program (IAH) provides federal and provincial funding for the creation and repair of affordable housing.  Key objectives of the program include:

  • To improve access to affordable housing that is safe, sound, suitable and sustainable
  • To provide flexibility to Service Managers to meet local needs and priorities
  • To offer funding for various housing options to address affordable housing needs across the housing continuum
  • To incorporate accessibility and energy efficiency requirements into affordable housing units and building design. 

As Service Manager, Leeds Grenville is participating in the following components of the IAH program:

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