Types of Social Housing in Leeds Grenville


Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is not rent-geared-to-income; however, you must be eligible for rent-geared-to-income assistance to qualify for affordable housing units.  Note: a higher income limit applies for Affordable Housing applicants. Rent for affordable housing units is approximately 80% of average market rent as published annually by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

Affordable housing in Leeds Grenville is provided by the Counties in Prescott, non-profit housing corporations in Elgin, Brockville and Lansdowne, and a private landlord in Oxford Mills. 

Apply to the Social Housing Registry.  See Application for Subsidized Housing.

Market Rent Housing

Market rent housing refers to units with rent at the low end of private market rents and is provided by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Housing Department and some non-profit housing providers. 

Complete a Market Rent Application Form  for properties that are operated by the Housing Department and/or apply directly to the non-profit/co-operative housing corporation for a market rent unit, as applicable. 

Rent-Geared-To-Income (RGI) Housing

  • Public housing - The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville (the Counties) owns and maintains the public housing portfolio.  Public housing consists of 668 rent-geared-to-income units - 493 apartment units in 16 multi-residential buildings throughout Leeds Grenville and 175 family units in Brockville and Prescott.  All public housing units are designated smoke free.
  • Non-profit housing - Owned and maintained by a non-profit corporation and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Some non-profit housing units are designated smoke free.
  • Rent supplement housing - Rent-geared-to-income units provided by private landlords through an agreement with the Counties.  A rent supplement subsidy is paid directly to the landlord by the Counties.  The rent supplement subsidy is equal to the difference between the full monthly rent for the unit and the geared-to-income rent payable by the tenant.
  • Co-operative housing - Requires membership and participation in managing, governing and maintaining the co-operative.

Apply to the Social Housing Registry or directly to the housing provider.  The housing provider will forward your application to the Social Housing Registry. 

Rent-geared-to-income waitlists for the following non-profit providers are managed by the housing administrator; apply directly to the non-profit housing provider: