Learning, Earning and Parenting
Program (LEAP)

The Learning, Earning, and Parenting (LEAP) Program is an employment Image of parents with their childsupport program to assist and support young parents (or parents-to-be) to complete high school, develop and enhance parenting skills, and achieve economic independence.

LEAP participants agree to participate in all three activities, which include:

  • attendance in an approved program of education;
  • an earnings component; and
  • attendance in a parenting program.


To assist young parents to achieve high school graduation through traditional high school, adult education, or correspondence.


To develop employment readiness and an individual customized plan for the future. Plans may include participation in co-op programs, part-time and summer employment, as well as youth apprenticeship programs. Job readiness is assisted with resume writing and interview skills development.


Parenting activities to promote children's growth and development by supporting parents through programs, which increase self-confidence and parenting skills. Positive parenting has a beneficial effect on children's cognitive, emotional, and behavioural development. Parenting activities will also focus on household management, budgeting, and time management.

LEAP is a mandatory employment activity for:

  • 16 and 17 year old parents in receipt of Ontario Works; and
  • 16 and 17 year old parents living at home with parents who are receiving Ontario Works.

LEAP is strongly encouraged as a voluntary employment activity for:

  • 16 - 25 year old parents who are living at home, and Ontario Works Assistance is paid on behalf of their dependent child only;
  • 18 - 25 year old parents in receipt of Ontario Works; and
  • 18 - 25 year old parents who are living at home, and their parents are in receipt of Ontario Works Assistance.

Supports available to young parents include:

  • assistance with child care (during and after school);
  • transportation to school and parent activities (e.g. monthly bus passes, etc.);
  • supplies (e.g. school);
  • counselling;
  • recreational activities; and
  • links to community agencies and resources.


A $500.00 incentive is available for participants when they graduate from high school and complete approved parenting activities.

The incentives can be:

  • A $500.00 bursary used for training for post-secondary education or training; or
  • The $500.00 to be held in-trust for the education of the child(ren).

For More Information:

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