Area business and industry looking to expand their operations may want to review a new information website at
www.ontarioexports.com for more information. Related business and industry information can be found at
www.investinontario.com and please also see below.


Agri-Food Trade Service


  • Exporter assistance
  • Export guides for the agri-food sector
  • Market reports for food & beverage products in foreign markets
  • Trade statistics
  • Trade events


Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)


    • Import / export information

    • Exporting Goods from Canada guide

    • Canadian Customs / Ports of Entry offices

    • Export documentation - information & forms

    • D Memoranda - D3 series - Transportation; D19 series - Acts and Regulations of Other Government

    • Departments; D20 series -Exportations

    • NEXUS

    • Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS)

    • Links to other government departments / regulatory compliance requirements


Canada Mortgage & Housing (CMHC)


  • Exporter assistance
  • Export market guides for the housing and building products sector
  • Trade events


Canada Business


  • Business information gateway to access federal and provincial programs and services
  • Information for start-up businesses
  • Business planning & market research guides
  • Financing information for businesses
  • Regulatory & licensing information
  • Exporter & importer information


Industry Canada


  • General business information
  • Access to government programs & services
  • Searchable directory of Canadian financial providers and related information
  • Business and consumer web portal
  • Company information and directories
  • Business Information by sector
  • Trade & investment information


Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada (FAITC)


  • Access to FAITC domestic regional offices
  • Access to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
  • Regional exporter assistance
  • Access to Canadian Embassies and Consulates abroad & in-market support
  • Virtual Trade Commissioner
  • Market and Sector information, export publications
  • Export and Import Controls


Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs, Ontario
Food Exports (OMAFRA)


  • One-on-one export consulting with Ontario agri-food producers
  • Market & sector information, export publications
  • PROFIT food export seminar
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Trade missions & exhibitions
  • Access to international marketing staff directory


Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, and Employment, and the 
International Trade Branch (MEDT)

www.ontarioexports.com  and www.ontario.ca/ministry-economic-development-trade-employment

  • Export counselling with Ontario manufacturers of goods and services
  • Access to international trade branch staff directory
  • Market & sector information, export publications
  • Community Export Development programs and services
  • First Steps in Exporting seminars
  • New Exporters to Border States (NEBS) program
  • IT Exports to the U.S. (ITEXus) program
  • Export seminars & workshops
  • Virtual Trade Missions (VTMs)
  • Trade missions & exhibitions
  • In-market trade consultants in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and United Arab Emirates


Statistics Canada


  • Canadian Export Classification / HS Codes
  • Exporter Registry
  • Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED) - electronic software to report exported goods


Other useful websites:

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States
FDA's Import Program
Manufacturers Agents National Association
National Association of General Merchandise Representatives
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
U.S. General Services Administration (federal government procurement)



Canadian Commercial Corporation

The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is an export sales agency of the Government of Canada which is involved in facilitating and structuring export sales on behalf of Canadian companies. In order to increase trade, CCC helps foreign government buyers benefit from Canada's export capabilities through the negotiation and execution of government-to-government contracts. CCC accomplishes this by building unique relationships and maintaining international contracting and procurement

The Corporation focuses on sectors where there is a clear role for government: operating in sectors that are sensitive or are outside of the World Trade Organizations' (WTO) disciplines, such as defence, and where foreign governments require additional
capacity to undertake complex and timely procurements, namely in emerging and developing country markets.


International prime contractor service

The International Prime Contractor Solution is an effective business solution for selling to government customers around the world. The International prime contractor solution offers a Government guarantee of contract performance and the government-to-government options that become possible when Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) acts as prime contractor on your sale.


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

CIDA 's mandate is to support sustainable development in developing countries and to provide them with assistance.

CIDA's aim is to reduce poverty, promote human rights, and support sustainable development. CIDA's priorities are poverty reduction, democratic governance, private sector development, health, basic education, equality between women and men, and
environmental sustainability. These are areas in which Canadian expertise can make a difference.


Export Development Canada (EDC)

Export Development Canada (EDC) offers export finance and a broad range of risk management services to exporters operating in any sector of the economy and generally looks for at least 50% Canadian content.

Access to cash is one of the greatest barriers to growth experienced by Canadian companies who export. EDC has a
number of solutions, offered in conjunction with your financial institution, which will increase your ability to access
working capital.

EDC's Accounts Receivables Insurance protects Canadian businesses against non-payment by U.S. and foreign customers.


Export Finance Guide

The EXPORT Finance Guide helps Canadian small businesses understand and access information tools relating to exporting at each stage of the export transaction cycle. From getting export ready to the final payment stage, the guide will give you the opportunity to identify and prepare your business for the tender/proposal to the contract award.


Industry Canada Sources of Financing

Find out how Sources of Financing can help you locate traditional or alternative sources of financing for your small business. You will find an extensive directory of Canadian financial providers, a powerful search engine of financial providers, information on different types of financing and financial providers, and tips to help you secure financing.


Northstar Trade Finance INC.

NORTHSTAR Trade Finance Inc. supports exporters of small and medium Canadian enterprises by financing export sales of $100,000 to $5,000, 000, with repayment terms of one to five years NORTHSTAR Trade Finance Inc. supports Canadian exporters by offering financing to credit worthy foreign buyers of eligible Canadian goods and services. NORTHSTAR complements Export Development Canada (EDC) export financing services.


Ontario Chamber of Commerce

The Export Market Access (EMA) is a cost-sharing grant program designed to help small to medium sized organizations to take advantage of opportunities in foreign markets. Eligible activities include market research, marketing tools, direct contacts and foreign bidding projects.

EMA will help with funding to:

  • Showcase goods or services to potential international buyers;
  • Participate in outgoing or incoming trade missions;
  • Develop promotional materials; and
  • Support many other expenses required to develop export sales.

EMA is an initiative of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, with support and funding from the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada. Successful applicants need not be a chamber member.