Career Services

Career Services logoCareer Services is a non-profit agency that provides vocational rehabilitation services for adults with disabilities. Career Services has operated with a philosophy of inclusion of individuals in the workforce regardless of barriers or circumstances that may exist. The agency focuses on strengthening the community by providing the individuals it supports with a distinct and unique approach to reaching their individual vocational and employment goals. The agency provides vocational assessment, training, resume preparation, employment plans and preparation, job search assistance, job placement options and job coaching. Support is flexible and geared to the individual. The service is open to people aged 18 years and up who wish to work and who experience barriers to employment. People come to Career Services for assistance in finding or keeping a job. It can help an individual make employment or volunteer work a reality by helping the person prepare for and explore suitable employment options through assessment, career planning and preparation. Once opportunities are matched to the individual, Career Services continues to offer support by providing job training through unpaid placements and advice through employment services. The agency is partially funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Career Services also operates a successful business that helps subsidize the cost of operating its client services. It offers competitive rates on assembly, packaging and industrial woodworking. Some examples of what it offers are shrink wrapping, repackaging of products to display ready containers, re-work, sorting and collating.

Contact Information

89 Hubbell Street
Brockville, Ontario
K6V 4K6
Telephone 613-342-5775
TTY 613-498-1610

Contact: Alec Thomas, Director