Telecommunications towerLeeds Grenville and Brockville have high speed telecommunication capability provided by both Bell Canada and AT&T fibre lines as well as others available from local providers . Additionally, the community offers advanced switching DSL service within 4.5 km of the central service. Long distance calling is provided by diverse fibre optic sonic rings that run between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. There are attractive wireless options provided by the private sector. See the listing below.

Work by the Eastern Ontario Broadband Project by the Eastern Ontario Regional Broadband Network (EORN) is now complete. This project provided coverage for an estimated 288,000 citizens in this region and will provide benefits to all of the 1,092,530 residents of Eastern Ontario through higher bandwidth capacities and new innovative applications. EORN offers a convenient service coverage map.

It's estimated that 95% of the community currently has access to high speed Internet service.


Joe Computer

Kingston Online Services

Lansdowne Tel


Storm Internet
Telnet Communications  
Telnet Networks Inc.  

Truespeed Internet Services
WTC Communications

Xplornet Communications Inc.

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