Oliver Crate Jr. 

 President and founder of VTF Vacuum Thermal Forming Inc.

"We assist in the total development of products, from the mold fabrication to the finished product."

VTF Vacuum Thermal Forming Inc. President Oliver Crate Jr.SPENCERVILLE - There is a unique manufacturing operation near here more people need to know about.

VTF Vacuum Thermal Forming Inc. is a Leeds Grenville area gem and is Canadian owned and operated.

Located at 7000 County Road 18 south of Roebuck, VTF is a manufacturer of Thermo Formed plastic components. The company can create a vast array of plastic products, including its famous oil-drip pan (see photo below). "This is a versatile product at a reasonable price," VTF president and founder Oliver Crate Jr. said in an interview with Leeds and Grenville. These signature VTF trays are so adaptable they are used in animal kennels, as boot trays and various other capacities

 The vacuum-forming process is highly compatible with prototype development and production runs. Depending on your needs, production runs can be low to high volume.

"Our process uses clean, propane-fired ovens to heat the sheets of plastic," said Mr. Crate.  "We strive to purchase and use Canadian-made sheets of plastic. VTF Inc. also sends 98% of the VTF Vacuum Thermal Forming Inc.waste plastic from our process to a recognized recycler."

"We go from the prototype stages of the project to the full production of the product," he noted.

 The location of his operation in Augusta Township was selected with great care and enjoys doing business in Leeds Grenville, considered a transportation hub. "We're 11 kilometres off Highway 401 and we're almost the same to (Highway) 416. It's a great location. I like being here."

VTF Inc.'s client base is generally located in Ontario and Quebec. It serves the telecommunications, automotive, forestry, toy manufacturing, safety equipment, tool and gardening manufacturing, packaging and custom containers, electronics and aircraft industries.

 The company works to optimize product output while minimizing cost.

 "We continue to move forward in our endeavour to provide quality products at competitive rates for our existing and future clients," Mr. Crate said.

 For more information on VTF call 613-658-3300 or visit their website to learn more about their products.