MulticulturalDacers at Multicultural festival in Brockville

The Brockville and District Multicultural Council is an umbrella organization for ethno-cultural groups in the region. Every May it hosts its annual multicultural festival to bring people from various backgrounds for good food, entertainment and goodwill. The council also provides settlement counselling and organizes community get-togethers.

Translation and interpretation services in Chinese, Mandarin, French, Greek, German, English, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Turkish are available.


In 2009, the City of Brockville and its economic development department launched an initiative to promote immigration to the city and the surrounding area. The Leeds and Grenville Immigration Partnership is a program that brings together organizations and individuals dedicated to assisting newcomers to Canada to become involved, contributing members of this area's communities. Through this program, the Leeds and Grenville Immigration Portal has been created. The Immigration Portal offers and links to a wide range of information that is relevant to recent immigrants. It provides municipal-specific settlement information and links to federal and provincial immigration websites. All provide potential or recent immigrants with information on coming to Canada and living, learning, working and doing business in Leeds Grenville.

Brockville is one of three Ontario communities selected by the Ontario government to implement programming associated with supporting the building of immigration capacity for rural communities in the province. The first aim of the project is to provide settlement related information in a central, organized manner, for newcomers to Canada, and the Leeds and Grenville region. To accomplish this goal, the Leeds & Grenville Immigration Portal has been established. It provides municipal-specific settlement information and links to federal and provincial immigration websites. These sites provide information on living, learning, working and doing business in Leeds and Grenville as well as information on coming to Canada. The immigration portal is available at

Settlement Services:

The Cornwall Immigrant Resource Centre (CIRC) is located at T.R. Leger School at St. Lawrence College. It is operated by the Upper Canada District School Board and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. CIRC states it is a one-stop centre for information and settlement services, education, employment, health services, job search workshops, DVDs and multi-lingual information for newcomers to Canada. For additional information contact

In the last census profile it was reported that approximately 7,800 immigrants lived in Leeds Grenville. Of this total 465 were listed as recent immigrants, including 150 from the United States, 145 from Europe and 135 from Asia and the Middle East. The census shows 60 people immigrated from Southern Asia and approximately 40 from both Southeast Asia and India.