Housing costs in Leeds Grenville are moderate compared to many other parts of the province. The average price for a single-dwelling home is approximately $255,110, well below the provincial average of $383,000. The Canadian average in 2015 was $454,342. The average rent for an apartment in Leeds Grenville is $905, compared to the $1,167 median in other parts of the province.

There are close to 40,000 private households in Leeds Grenville, with 73 per cent of them one-family homes. Homeowners pay an average of $963 in monthly mortgage payments. One per cent are multi-family and 26 per cent are non-family dwellings.

Average cost for a three-bedroom detached bungalow by municipality:

MunicipalityAverage Cost
Township of Athens (incl. Rear of Yonge and Escott)$198,624
Township of Augusta$243,016
Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley$271,272
Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal$257,226
Township of Front of Yonge$328,729
Leeds and the Thousand Islands$258,591
Village of Merrickville-Wolford$263,800 (2014)
Municipality of North Grenville$403,750
Township of Rideau Lakes$318,274
Village of Westport$148,000

Source: Based on the MLS Data provided by the Rideau-St. Lawrence Real Estate Board for the year 2015 with the exception of the Village of Merrickville-Wolford. This page was last updated April 14, 2016.

Average Ontario and Canada-wide home prices from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).


Housing type and location

There are a number of residential developments throughout Leeds Grenville. If you are moving into the community, you can find a home that suits your lifestyle in both size and location. The house of your dreams may be along the St. Lawrence River, in one of the larger urban centres or tucked away on a lake, a small hamlet or near the Rideau Canal. Condominiums, apartments and cottages are also on the market for those not interested in single-unit dwellings. Rural developments include Maitland Park Estates, Lion's Gate, Elizabeth Park Estates, Lily Bay Estates, Lily Bay Shores, Hillcrest Park, Fernbank Drive, Lyn Heights, Heather Heights, Braelyn Estates and the McLean Subdivision. The Municipality of North Grenville has four larger developments: Rideau Crossing, Kettle Creek, Tanager Woods and Oxford Heights.

The City of Brockville has published a Brockville Relocation Guide with information both on moving to the city or the surrounding area.

Leeds and Grenville Housing CorporationHousing Corporation.jpg

The United Counties of Leeds  and Grenville became service manager of public housing on January 1, 2001, when ownership was transferred under the Social Housing Reform Act. Prior to transfer, the public housing operated under the Ontario Housing Corporation through the Leeds/Brockville Housing Authority and the Prescott/Grenville Housing Authority. The merger of these two separate groups in August 2000 created the Leeds and Grenville Housing Corporation with the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville as the sole shareholder service manager.

The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville owns 667 rent-geared-to-income social housing units in 194 buildings consisting of 179 single-family units and 488 units in 15 multi-residential buildings located throughout the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville.


The Community Housing Department under the Community and Social Service Division is responsible for the following

  • Service Manager Administration of Housing.
  • Property Management of the public housing
  • Provides property management services to Non-Profit Co-operative Housing