Darrell Veres

Plant Manager GreenField Ethanol Limited Partnership, Johnstown

"We've had nothing but co-operation from our township council. They've been very approachable and very helpful," says Darrell Veres.
JOHNSTOWN - The innovative and progressive GreenField Ethanol Johnstown Plant is helping fuel the way toward a greener Canada and a world less dependent on foreign oil.

Sitting on 124 acres of land overlooking the majestic St. Lawrence, the Johnstown Plant has increased its ethanol production every year since operations began in late 2008.

"From start-up to present day, we've been able to increase our capacity by 20%," says Plant Manager Darrell Veres. "We have lots of room for growth and we're always looking at increasing our capacity."

GreenField Ethanol is located in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville because of the high density of corn producers in the region. Most of the corn processed here comes from within a 100-kilometre radius of the plant. The company is also in close proximity to major Highway 401 and 416 corridors and the nearby Prescott-Ogdensburg International Bridge. Another asset is the neighbouring Port of Johnstown where local corn can be easily stored at peak seasons.

GreenField Ethanol Inc. is Canada's largest producer of ethanol with more than 600-million litres produced annually. It's one of North America's leading green fuels suppliers and a driving force behind the fuel ethanol industry in Canada. It purchases more than 63-million bushels of corn each year for ethanol production. GreenField, founded by Ken Field in 1989, is also developing the next generation of biofuels made from agricultural, forestry and municipal waste.

"This is a first-class and very progressive organization," says Mr. Veres.

Here in Leeds Grenville, GreenField Ethanol Johnstown Plant's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction is equivalent to taking 53,000 cars off the road each year. It has a production capacity of 235-million litres per year. Distillers' grains returned to farmers as feed equals 170,000 metric tons per year, or 465 tons per day.

Local government has been "agreeable and accommodating," according to Veres when asked about locating and doing business in Leeds Grenville. "GreenField, overall, was very impressed with the co-operation we received in locating the plant here," he says.
The facility is certified to the IS0 9001 Quality standard and was certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Standard in January 2012. It's also implementing a World Class Maintenance Program (WCM).

Mr. Veres says they strive for 100 % employee participation in a Continuous Improvement program. "That's the mindset - continuous improvement. It's very strong here. One of the things we pride ourselves on is we have all of our employees, either as an individual or a team, work on an improvement project," Mr. Veres says.  The projects vary from those improving the environment to increasing plant safety and efficiency. The facility employs approximately 50 people as process operators, grain receivers, millwrights, corn analysts, lab technicians, electrical and instrumentation technicians and administrators. Several buildings make up the plant, located on the site off County Road 2.

"We're always looking to improve our process by utilizing the engagement of our employees and by using capital funds for new equipment," adds Mr. Veres, who is proud to be doing business in Leeds Grenville.

GreenField Ethanol is located at 141 Commerce Drive in the Edwardsburgh Cardinal Industrial Park at Johnstown.

For more information visit: www.greenfieldethanol.com and www.greenfuels.com