Bio Products / Green Technology

Urban areas typically have the edge over rural areas when it comes to development but not when it comes to some of the newer technologies, including solar farms that require lots of space. The area is home to many solar farms.

GreenField Ethanol Inc. is Canada's largest ethanol company - producing 450 million litres in fuel ethanol annually. Sold at 1,300 gas stations, the company's ethanol reduces fill-up costs and cuts harmful greenhouse gas emissions. GreenField Ethanol has been producing industrial and beverage alcohol, fuel ethanol and distillers' grains for 20 years. The company's Cellulosic Ethanol division is developing two processes for making next generation biofuel from agricultural, forestry and municipal waste.
GreenField Ethanol of Johnstown opened in 2008.

Fuel ethanol to be produced: 200 mlpy
CO2 emission reduction each year: 370,000 tonnes expected (net)
Corn purchased each year: 20 million bushels
Distillers' grains returned to farmers as feed: approximately 154,000 tonnes
Became operational: December 2008
Full-time employees: 46
Ethanol Expansion Program: the federal government contributed $15 million towards the construction of the Johnstown facility

Fuel ethanol, considered the only viable alternative to oil, is clean-burning, bio-degradable, energy efficient and can be made from a variety of renewable waste residues. Industrial and Beverage Alcohol:From flavouring chocolate chip cookies to disinfecting hospitals, GreenField's industrial and beverage alcohol has a wide variety of uses. Distillers' Grains: 30 per cent of the corn used to make ethanol becomes a nutrient-rich, high protein source of livestock feed.

Ingredion Canada Incorporated (formerly Casco Inc.), founded in 1858, is one of Canada's principal producers and suppliers of high-quality food ingredients and industrial products. Its corn-refined ingredients include sweeteners, starches, oil, and animal feed, and are used by customers in over sixty industries from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals to paper manufacturers to animal nutrition. Specialty ingredients include polyols, NutraFlora and FortiFeed prebiotic short-chain fructooligosaccharides, Expandex modified gluten-free tapioca starch, and OatVantage oat bran concentrate.

The Cardinal site is also known for its green initiatives. It started a new composting program with organic waste streams and the program diverted 62.1 metric tons from the landfill in the first month. Casco established a recycling program that captures 95 per cent of its recyclable material annually. It achieved a 3.4 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) production through reduced natural gas usage and reduced its GHG emissions by 21.7 per cent from 2002 to 2008.

Casco has three manufacturing facilities in Ontario, including Cardinal in the Township of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, London, and Port Colborne. Casco is the Canadian affiliate of Corn Products International, Inc. Corn Products operates using a regional approach, relying on the expertise of local sales, marketing, product development, and engineering professionals. At the same time, the Company's global product development and systems operations ensure that new product ideas, systems, and operational expertise can be shared around the world.