Township of Rideau Lakes farmWithin the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, 1,165 farms reported their operations in the last Agricultural Census of 2011. The number is down from the approximate 1,300 farm operations who reported in the Census report of 2006. Here is a short list of the Leeds Grenville farm operation types and the number of farms.

Dairy cattle and milk production: 127

Other animal production: 209

Beef cattle ranching and farming (incl. feedlots): 197

Horse and equine production: 118

Sheep and goat farming: 46

Poultry and egg production: 9

Hog and pig farming: 8Farming in Leeds Grenville

Animal combination farming: 75

Oilseed and Grain farming: 152

Other crop farming: 343

Greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production: 41

Soybean farming: 59

Corn farming: 53

Other grain farming: 37

Nursery and tree production: 26

Vegetable and melon farming: 20

Nut and tree farming: 13

Farm size: A total of 226 farms were reported to be 10-69 acres in size. Another 222 farms were in the 70- to 129-acre size range, followed by 135 in the 130- to 179-acre range, and 120 in the 180- to 239-acre range. A total of 184 farmers reported operations in the 240- to 399-acre size range. Another 110 are listed as being 400 to 559 acres in size.

The total land mass in crops is 143,035 acres.

Farmers reported total wages and salaries at $13,149,140 (with 302 farms reporting).

Quick Facts: When the Census data was collected in May 2011 there were approximately 9,517 dairy cows, 37,001 beef cattle and calves, 9,285 sheep and lambs, 13,385 pigs, 2,379 horses and ponies, 1,353 goats and 222 llamas and alpacas. Laying hens totalled 649,622. The number of dozens of eggs surpassed $16.4 million. The Census report also shows 546 turkeys and 1,542 honeybees.

The Census also indicates the number of farms using computers and Internet for farm business continues to grow.

Leeds Grenville farms classified by total farm capital:

Under $100,000: 27

$100,000 to $199,000: 92

$200,000 to $349,000: 282

$350,000 to $499,000: 256

$500,000 to $999,000: 278

$1-million to $1,499,000: 106

$1.5-million to $1.9-million: 46

$2-million to $349,000-million: 50

More than $3.5-million: 28

Learn more about farming and related issues, including soil conditions, by visiting and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). 

The 2011 Census of Agriculture counted the highest number of farms in Ontario with 25.3% of Canada's 205,730 farms. A Census farm is an agricultural operation that produces agricultural products for sale. The Census counted 51,950 farms in Ontario, a 9.2% decrease since 2006.