The Economic Development Leadership Forum

Was held on Thursday, June 14, 2012Award winner Jean-Jacques Rousseau, at centre.

The Bill Thake Award for Economic Development Leadership was presented to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, chairman of the Kemptville District Hospital Board of Directors.

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Leeds Grenville Updates

Community Improvement Plans (CIP)

Roebuck - Kemptville District Hospital (KDH) Board of Directors Chairman Jean-Jacques Rousseau is the recipient of this year's Bill Thake Economic Development Leadership Award.

Heralded for launching KDH's Total Joint Replacement Program and doubling the number of day surgeries and the overall rejuvenation at the hospital, Mr. Rousseau accepted what is also called the Warden's Award, along with vice-chairman Liz Angus. He accepted on behalf of his Board of Directors.Thake Award nominees and winner with Acting Warden Jim Pickard, left

"Mr. Rousseau and all of the nominees volunteer their time to make the United Counties of Leeds Grenville the best place to
live and work," said Acting Warden Jim Pickard. Mr. Pickard made the presentation at Counties Leadership Forum hosted by the Economic Development Department Thursday night at the Roebuck Community Centre.

A total of five nominations were received from five Leeds Grenville municipalities, including individuals Karen Cook from the Township of Athens, John Jodoin from the Township of Augusta and Frank Kinsella from the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands, along with the Purcell family (Dana, Mike and John) from the Township of Front of Yonge. Mr. Rousseau was the nominee from the Municipality of North Grenville. All nominees were honoured at the event and received certificates of appreciation from the Counties.

Westport Mayor Bill Thake is four-time United Counties warden who has served a record-breaking, 50-plus years in municipal government. He was first elected in 1961 and continues to serve as Mayor of Westport and a member of Counties Council. The award was named in his honour because Mr. Thake has shown exceptional leadership and dedication to public service over five decades.

Mr. Rousseau and board members are credited with leading the hospital through a multi-million dollar expansion last year. An increase in their operating budget and the hiring of new nursing staff for orthopaedic surgery led to a $7.8-million increase in the local payroll. The transformation of surgical services and the addition of a surgical inpatient ward have resulted in a forecasted increase of inpatient surgeries by 450 in 2013. The number of day surgeries has doubled since 2008.

The Board has overseen the expansion of health care services and the diagnostic imaging department to include bone density scans and a state-of-the-art mammography suite.

Another major accomplishment for Mr. Rousseau and the board is the launch of the Total Joint Replacement Program (TJR) in partnership with the Ottawa Hospital. The launch of this program has said to have rejuvenated the Kemptville District Hospital, its staff and stakeholders. The new program has opened up new markets, diversified hospital services and positioned the hospital for future growth. The TJR program is also credited with helping secure a major hotel chain in North Grenville.

With a focus on being an integrated health hub for the community, Kemptville District Hospital has also partnered with the Beth Donovan Hospice to offer the palliative care provide new office space at the hospital. The former emergency room space has been repurposed and is three times the size of the Hospice's former premises. The move has allowed the Hospice to serve the municipality and wider community - from Merrickville to Ottawa South. Phase 2 of this partnership will see the Hospice expand its footprint at the hospital with the goal of providing hospice beds.

"All of our nominees are winners," said Counties Economic Development Manager Ann Weir. "These are people who care enough about their communities to want to see them grow and prosper."

Weir and Counties Economic Development Officer Deanna Clark provided highlights from all 10 Leeds Grenville municipalities. The keynote speaker was John Macdonald, a planner with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and he spoke on Community Improvement Plans (CIP).