Sand Bay County Park - Charleston Lake

Sand Bay County Park is located on the northeast corner of Charleston Lake. Access to the park is via County Rd. 40 which runs southeast from the village of Charleston. The County-owned and maintained park is approximately 21 ha in size and is open from the May long weekend until Labour Day.

Sand Bay County Park is a "day-use" park and is popular for picnicking and swimming. In addition to a large picnic pavilion (courtesy of the Charleston Lake Association), picnic tables, BBQ stands and benches are available throughout the season. Although the beach is not supervised by a life guard, swimming buoys are installed in the lake each summer to highlight the designated swimming area. Organized summer activities include swimming lessons and a Nature Camp (Charleston Lake Association), Canada Day fireworks and various other community events.

The picnic area is located on a slope which runs from the parking area and pavilion down to the beach. A cement dock is located north of the beach area and is available for temporary use by visiting boaters. Boat-launching facilities are not available.

The surrounding forest is comprised of white pine, hemlock, eastern white cedar, sugar maple and red and white oak. A number of nature trails have been built throughout the park. One trail runs southeast from the beach and slowly climbs upward to a lookout which provides a scenic view of Charleston Lake. Another trail starts in the rear of the parking lot, located behind the picnic pavilion. This trail climbs up and over one of the many large rock outcrops common to this area. The trail follows a loop through the largely deciduous forest, running north-south for a total round-trip distance of approximately 1km.

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