Planning Services

Land use planning is important to ensure a balanced approach to growth management and the protection and conservation of the Counties' natural and cultural heritage, while encouraging development opportunities in a way that respects the Counties' unique character and sense of place. 

The Planning Services Department of the Public Works Division provides professional land use planning advice to Council, staff, member municipalities and the public.  

Other responsibilities of the Planning Services Department include:

  • implementing and updating the Official Plan for the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville;
  • processing applications for amendments to the Official Plan for the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville;
  • approving local Official Plans and amendments to local Official Plans;
  • approving plans of subdivision, plans of condominium and part lot control applications;
  • administering the Consent Granting Authority (Land Division);
  • conducting special studies in support of the Counties Official Plan such as Population and Employment Lands Studies;
  • conducting regional studies such as a Natural Heritage Strategy;
  • participating in external regional planning initiatives; and,
  • providing expert testimony before the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

Planning Contact

The Planning Office is located at 25 Central Avenue West in Brockville.

If you have any planning related questions, please contact:

 Email - Manager of Planning Services

 Pre-consultation is encouraged before making any applications to the United Counties. 

The following links will take you to the Counties Official Plan Amendment Application and the form for the submission of Local Official Plans and Local Official Plan Amendments to the Counties for approval:

PDF - United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Official Plan Amendment Application (contact Planning Services to discuss application)

PDF - Application for Approval of an Adopted Local Official Plan or Official Plan Amendment


The following links will direct you to the downloadable PDF documents for Plans of Subdivision/Condominium:

PDF - A Guide to the Approval Process for Plans of Subdivision

PDF- Subdivision Process Flowchart

PDF - Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision or Condominium Description


Official Plan for the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville