Information Technology (IT)

The IT Department reports directly to the Director of Corporate Services of the Counties and is responsible for the Counties technical infrastructure which includes but is not limited to desktop, server, telecommunications, telephony, and other office equipment. Responsibilities include development, documentation, installation, configuration, support, and administration of the technical infrastructure.

The department provides support to staff and municipal partners with respect to the Counties use of the technical infrastructure and approved software products such as Microsoft Office. With respect to the computer, telephony, telecommunications, and office equipment, IT provides the following management services:

  • equipment evaluation
  • equipment standardization
  • purchasing, configuration and installation
  • inventory tracking
  • software license tracking
  • equipment maintenance
  • equipment disposal
  • vendor management

Network Security, Support, Maintenance and Administration

IT is building and maintaining a network infrastructure for the Counties that is utilized by all the departments within Leeds Grenville and the Counties municipal partners. The network provides valuable services such as email, web-access, file and print sharing, database services, geographic information systems (GIS), virtual private network (VPN), internet access, remote dial-in, office productivity, etc. The network is also the basis for several different business applications such as Great Plains, WorkTech, Yardi, Payroll, etc. required in the daily operations of different areas of the Counties.

IT provides the administration, support and security for the network in order to provide the functionality to Counties departments and protect the Counties from external threats such as virus attacks and security breaches.

Systems Administration, Service and Support

IT, working with the various departments within the Counties, will assist in the needs assessment, evaluation and vendor negotiations for different types of business applications. IT will also provide installation, configuration, secondary support and vendor management for existing business applications.

Project Management

IT will provide Project Management services on projects that require technical expertise within the information technology, telephony, telecommunications, wireless, development and systems implementation area.

Emergency Services

IT has the additional responsibilities for the following services:

  1. 9-1-1 Dispatch contract
  2. Fire Dispatch contract
  3. Fire Dispatch Radio System
  4. Emergency Operations Centre Communications