Paramedic Service

Leeds Grenville Paramedics logoThe United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, in partnership with its municipalities, townships and the separated municipalities, work in co-operation to provide the required Emergency Services needed by the residents of the region. Depending on the Emergency Service, it may be funded, operated and managed by the Joint Services Committee at the Counties or by the local municipal government of that particular region (e.g., each Fire Department is funded, operated and managed by the local Municipality/Township).

With respect to Emergency Planning, all tiers of government are required to fund, manage and operate an Emergency Plan according to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Each Emergency Plan will be initiated based on the severity and exposure of the situation.

Emergency Services Funding


Funded By

Managed By

Operated By

9-1-1 DispatchJoint Services CommitteeJoint ServicesOPP
Fire DispatchJoint ServicesJoint ServicesBrockville Fire Department
Land Ambulance DispatchProvinceProvinceProvince
Police ServicesMunicipalities, TownshipsMunicipalities, TownshipsOPP, Brockville Police or Gananoque Police depending on region
Fire ServicesMunicipalities, TownshipsMunicipalities, TownshipsMunicipality, Township Fire Department
Land Ambulance ServicesJoint Services, ProvinceJoint ServicesCounty Paramedic Service Department