Ontario WorksImage of programs delivered through Integrated Program Delivery

The intent of the Ontario Works program is to help people in temporary financial need find sustainable employment and achieve self-reliance through the provision of effective, integrated employment services and financial assistance.

All Ontario Works delivery agents provide employment assistance and basic financial assistance in accordance with legislative and regulatory authority, policy directives, and business practices and ensure that all people residing in their geographic area have
access to the application process.

Delivery agents:

  • ensure participant involvement in a mutually responsive planning process that promotes self-reliance;
  • help participants to increase their employability and achieve outcomes such as employment, employment retention, increased earnings and exits to employment through integrated service delivery and planning that supports the provision of effective and timely employment services and supports;
  • make determinations pertaining to the refusal, reduction or cancellation of assistance;
  • provide a formal notice and review process for participants to address issues related to their eligibility;
  • directly deliver and/or tender delivery of specific employment assistance activities, e.g. employment placement;
  • administer funding in support of participation in Ontario Works, including assistance with employment or participation-related expenses such as transportation, child care, work clothes, etc.;
  • develop strategies for service provision and program management based on caseload demographics and the local labour market, as well as broader community human service plans;
  • orient and train staff in the delivery of employment and financial assistance to ensure staff are able to implement services in a manner consistent with the intent of the program and the principles of delivery;
  • fulfill data collection, reporting and audit requirements including accurate, comprehensive documentation to support eligibility decisions.