Housing Department

The Housing Department administers the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville public housing portfolio which consists of approximately 667 rent-geared-to-income units in 194 buildings of which there are 179 single family units and 488 units in 15 multi-residential buildings and approximately 137 rent supplement units owned by more than 60 private landlords. The department is responsible for the:

  • Social Housing Registry (including non-profit, affordable and co-operative housing providers)
  • completion of applications,
  • determination of initial and ongoing eligibility including rent calculation,
  • enforcement of lease provisions,
  • vacancy management,
  • rent collection,
  • property management and
  • supporting positive tenant relations.

Only a select few social housing properties are not required to utilize the Social Housing Registry for filling vacancies. In providing this single point of access to rent-geared-to-income housing, staff receives applications, provides waitlist information when a vacancy arises, and keep the list up-to-date by processing in-year or annual update changes provided by the applicant. Applicants determined eligible for social housing are added to the waitlist in chronological order using the date the completed application was received. Applicants experiencing emergency circumstances may be given priority as prescribed by the Housing Services Act, 2011.

Additionally, the department is also responsible for the administration of the Homeownership Program, Ontario Renovates, Housing Allowance, Homelessness Prevention and Program and Service Manager Administration for public housing, non-profit housing, affordable housing and co-operative housing.