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The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville supports the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Community and Social Services goal to support social and economic development in Ontario by investing in and supporting an affordable, accessible, and accountable Child Care System which benefits children, their parents and caregivers, and the broader community. Effective January 1, 2000, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville was designated as the delivery agent or child care service system manager for child care services in Leeds and Grenville.

As Child Care Service System Manager, UCLG staff support families, children and licensed child care in Leeds and Grenville, and the separated
municipalities of the City of Brockville, Town of Prescott and Town of Gananoque through the provision of child care fee subsidy to eligible families, wage subsidy to child care providers, and special needs resource funding to support the inclusion of all children in licensed child care.

Child Care Fee Subsidy

The Integrated Program Delivery Department manages and determines eligibility for Child Care Fee Subsidies for residents of UCLG under the authority of the Day Nurseries Act. The Ministry of Education and UCLG are committed to ensuring the Child Care Services are delivered in an equitable, effective, and efficient manner, and that funding is targeted to those most in need.

Subsidies are available for children ranging from infant to twelve years of age, where the parent(s) is/are employed or enrolled in an educational or re-training program. Subsidy is also available to children with special needs who have been identified by a social agency or medical professional. Approval of subsidy is based on what is considered to be in the best interest of the child/family, and meeting the financial eligibility criteria that is set out by the Ministry.

When providing Child Care Fee Subsidy, the Integrated Program Delivery Department is required to determine a parent's eligible hours and ensure that the Child Care Fee Subsidy provided corresponds to the eligible hours.

Child Care Fee Subsidy only applies to contracted licensed child care settings. At present most licensed child care programs operating within Leeds and Grenville have a contract with UCLG.

Wait List and Application Process

If there is a wait list for Child Care Fee Subsidy, inquiries are prioritized by date. As funding dollars become available, an appointment date is scheduled to determine eligibility for Child Care Fee Subsidy. To complete the application, the
parent(s) must have their most recent Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada.

Wage Subsidy

Wage Subsidy was introduced in 1987 to improve the salaries and benefits of child care workers, to make licensed care more affordable for all parents, and to enhance recruitment, retention and overall staffing stability in the licensed child care system. Wage subsidy is provided to child care programs in accordance with the Ministry formula and eligible FTE positions. It is to be utilized by the provider to enhance the wages of child care professionals beyond minimum wage.

Special Needs Resourcing

Special Needs Resourcing Funds are used primarily to purchase the services of Resource Teachers for children with special needs in licensed child care programs. Resource Teachers assist child care providers in the assessment of children with special needs, in the preparation of individual program plans, and in the provision of support to the child's regular caregiver in developing and carrying out daily activities in accordance with these plans. To assist the individual child within the larger group, Resource Teachers may work with several children in more than one location; they also work with parents to ensure a consistent expectation and approach for the child. Special Needs Resourcing enhances the opportunities for inclusion of children with special needs in licensed child care throughout UCLG, and is available through:

Inclusive Child Care Program of Developmental Services of Leeds and Grenville
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