Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy Steering Committee

Following the recommendation of the World Heritage Committee in 2007, Parks Canada committed to undertaking an assessment of the visual character of the Canal Corridor as part of what is being called the Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy. The goal of the strategy is to build a new vision for the Rideau. The end result will be guidelines that can be implemented by everyone with a stake in the future quality of the Corridor.

The Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy Steering Committee receives technical advice from the Planners Group to assist with the achievement of the Strategy Goals and Anticipated Outcomes of the Steering Committee. The Rideau Corridor Landscape Steering Committee in turn provides direction to the Planners Group by giving clean and concise direction on what work or information is required, and providing adequate and timely feedback on any work produced, or questions raised by the Planners Group.

Meetings will be held as determined by the Chair or the group. Meeting locations will be decided on a case by case basis. The Warden is County Council's representative on the Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy Steering Committee.

To learn more about the Rideau Landscape Strategy, please visit www.pc.gc.ca/rideau.