Governance and Finance Committee

The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville is piloting a Committee of the Whole meeting structure until the end of the 2013. This will replace the current Public Works Committee and the Governance and Finance Committee meetings. The Committee of the Whole will consist of all members of Council and will hold their meetings on the Tuesday of the first full week of the month. To be directed to the Committee of the Whole page, please select "Committee of the Whole" from the menu on the left hand side or click on this link:

The Governance and Finance Committee reports directly to Counties Council and consists of all members of Counties Council.  A Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually.

The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to Council on issues related to:

  • governance
  • Long Term Care (Maple View Lodge)
  • Corporate Services (finance, municipal information systems, purchase coordination, employee related issues)
  • awarding of contracts
  • budget and financial reporting
  • information systems (9-1-1, fire communications)
  • establishing tax policies, ratios, and rates
  • policy development
  • economic development

The Governance and Finance Committee usually meets at 9:00 a.m. on the first Thursday during the first full week of each month in the
Council Chambers, 25 Central Avenue West, Brockville, Ontario.

The 'Calendar of Events' tab on the left hand side will show the meeting dates.