Emergency Management Program

Public Safety Logo.pngAn Emergency Management Program Committee was established in January 2003 and it is this group that has provided input and guided the development of an emergency response plan.  The committee has successfully implemented a comprehensive Emergency Management Program, and this emergency response plan represents one piece of a much broader strategy to encourage and support emergency planning and preparedness activities in Leeds and Grenville.

The emergency response plan has been developed to provide guidance to staff and members of the Community Control Group (CCG).  It has also been created to inform the community and key emergency responders of the role of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville during an emergency situation.

The objective to the emergency response plan is to make provision for the extraordinary arrangements and measures that may have to be taken to protect the health, safety, welfare, environment and economic health of the residents, businesses and visitors with the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville when faced with an emergency.

Based upon a completion of a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment by the Emergency Management Committee for the Counties, the most likely emergencies to occur may include:

  • Human Health (epidemics / pandemics, water)
  • Weather related (ice storms, tornados, snow, flood, drought, etc.)
  • Critical Infrastructure Failure
  • Food and Agriculture (foreign animal disease, infestation)

Only the head of council, or a delegated elected official can officially declare an emergency in a community and exercise the special powers the legislation confers on the head of council.  In Leeds Grenville, the Head of Council is the Warden or alternate.

The Premier of Ontario can also declare an emergency and take over community resources, or order one community to assist another during the emergency.

The Prime Minister of Canada may declare an emergency if it clearly impacts on areas of federal jurisdiction (example, war emergency).

Leeds Grenville has multiple locations for its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).  Admittance to the EOC is by invitation of the Warden or Senior Management Officials in the EOC.

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